The Secrets The Dead Keep


After her mother Friea dies in suspicious circumstances, 17-year-old Saffie finds a mysterious box that belonged to her buried in the woods. Determined to find answers – about the box, about why they fled their home in the middle of the night so many years ago, about what happened to the rest of her family – Saffie travels to the famed city of Ivec Warra to train as an enchanter, and learn to communicate with ghosts.

But Friea kept her secrets for a reason, and that reason is bound to catch up with Saffie long before she manages to speak with her mother’s ghost. 



I’ve been working on The Secrets The Dead Keep since the summer of 2012, finally completing a draft in the summer of 2014. After numerous attempts at editing it, I decided to totally rewrite it, and I eventually finished the second draft in the winter of 2016. Most recently, I finished an edited (not rewritten!) third draft, and am now getting feedback from critique partners.

I’m hoping to find at least one critique partner from outside of my social circle – someone unbiased who I can discuss my story with, and who can give me their opinions and advice on my novel. For this, I’m looking for another fantasy writer who is preferably at a similar stage in novel-writing as I am, so that we can swap manuscripts (there’s a reason for the partner in critique partner!). If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know!

I’m also currently working on maps for the book as well as ideas for the sequel!

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