The Next Together: Book Review

The Next Together by Lauren James might look like any other romance story, but there is far more than mere attraction bringing Matthew Galloway and Katherine Finchley together. After all, they do keep on finding each other and falling in love – only to be tragically torn apart – lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. In Carlisle in 1745, Lady Katherine and footman Matthew prepare for an attack by rebel Scotsmen. During the Crimean War in the 1800s, Katy disguises herself as a boy to find work, which currently involves being war journalist Matthew’s assistant. In 2019, the married couple and biological researchers face accusations of terrorism. And in 2039, university students Matt and Kate struggle to uncover the truth about their dead relatives – and the memories of past lives that surely can’t be real memories…?
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EVE The Awakening: Book Review

Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci is a sci-fi book set in the near future – 2087 – where a sub-species of human, known as a humanovus or, more colloquially, a chimera, has evolved. Chimeras are basically smarter, stronger, and faster humans – who also happen to have telekinesis, referred to as “the gift”. But as well as all the stigma chimeras face from the humans around them for being “better”, they also have the Interlopers to deal with: a race of aliens dedicated to hunting chimeras down.

Nineteen-year-old chimera Eve, who is notorious for her telekinesis powers in her native San Fransisco, sets off to university in the hopes of starting a new life where no-one knows who, or what, she is. However, Interlopers have been infiltrating her university and abducting chimeras – and dissecting them, alive. Which means that, as well as navigating the complex social circles of the smartest (and richest) young minds in the country, Eve has to try her best to avoid the Interlopers – or choose to fight them. All while trying to keep a low profile and pass as a human…

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