May Writing Update

In January, I set myself monthly writing goals to keep me on-track with my novel-in-progress The Secrets The Dead Keep. I finished Draft Three back in April, and my goal for May was to start discussions and feedback with critique partners (assuming I have found suitable critique partners). Continue reading “May Writing Update”

2017 Writing Goals

For some reason, I completely forgot about New Year’s Resolutions for this year until someone asked me what mine were on New Year’s Day. I hadn’t thought about it at all – their existence just completely slipped my mind. Still, it wasn’t at all difficult to come up with an answer. I’ve made so much writing progress recently, and I really want that to continue. So, I decided that I want 2017 to be the year that I get truly serious about writing.

Since planning rather than ‘pantsing’ my novel seems to have gone pretty well, I thought I’d try the same for my writing life! So without further ado, here are my monthly writing goals for 2017:

Continue reading “2017 Writing Goals”

The Writing Process: A Guide For Non-Writers – Part Three

So by now we’ve gotten to the point in the writing process where you’ve written a book. Congratulations! But your work is far from done.
I feel like people with no writing experience see this as the end point. You’ve written a first draft, therefore you’ve written a book, right? What people forget is that things hardly ever turn out right first time. If you read Part Two of my writing process series (discussing the writing of the first draft), you’ll understand the extent of this and the reasoning behind it. Even if you outlined your book in great detail, there is no guarantee that you won’t change things halfway through, or that you will be happy with the book that your outline produced. And of course, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be happy with the actual writing. Every writer has their flaws: some of us ‘underwrite’, some of us ‘overwrite’, and we all have words and phrases that we use far too often. The first draft is just a foundation for all the good things to come later, and it may need fixing before you can even do that.
So once you’ve finished your first draft, it’s time to edit.

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