5 Things I’ve Learned About Novel Writing

There’s a lot of writing advice out there, so when I first thought about writing a post giving writing advice, I thought, “is there really anything I can say that isn’t just regurgitating things I’ve read elsewhere?”.

At first, I thought the answer to that question was no. But as I’ve been editing my novel The Secrets The Dead Keep, I’ve kept thinking of things I should’ve done differently that would’ve made editing so much easier, or things that I do to make writing easier that I don’t think I’ve read in any other writing advice.

So although I don’t yet feel qualified to advise other writers on things like how to make their writing sound better, or how to improve their characterisation or plot, I do have a few points that might help in the actual act of getting that novel written.

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Editing Others’ Writing

A while ago, I talked a bit about what I want from people reading my writing, which is mostly just a vast amount of incredibly detailed opinions. Over the past week or two, I’ve been trying to apply this to my own reviews of other people’s work in giving feedback for the entries to the Creative Writing Society’s upcoming anthology.

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