Year Abroad Update, Part The Last

This is going to be my last year abroad update. And not because I’m too forgetful to keep writing my blog (no matter how likely that would be)! I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to continue with studying German, and I’m also not going to continue with my year abroad. So I guess my “year abroad” updates are actually “semester abroad” updates? ๐Ÿ˜›

Neither of these decisions have been on a whim. In fact, my reasoning is going to take a bit of explaining, since both decisions impact each other quite a lot.
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Year Abroad, Part Five: Christmas Markets

One of the few things I’ve loved about Germany is all the Christmas markets I visited through December. So I thought, rather than boring you all with how I’m doing at uni, I’d focus on the positive and write my next (long overdue) year abroad post about the Weihnachtmรคrkte!

Year Abroad, Part Four: Welcome Week

Iโ€™ve been in Germany for about a month now and classes still havenโ€™t started. Yes, Tรผbingen University starts late, and I arrived earlier than I probably needed to. But Iโ€™ve not had nothing to do. I have a book to write (still not finished, but this draft is getting there!), and of course thereโ€™s cooking, cleaning, sorting out the last bits of paperwork (which seem to take the longestโ€ฆ Never mind this โ€œyour year abroad is the best year of your life!โ€ stuff; I swear all Iโ€™ve done on mine so far is get stressed over admin). And last week (12th – 15th October) there was also welcome week!
(If you haven’t read my previous Year Abroad posts, you can find them through the following links: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.)

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Year Abroad, Part Three: My First Week

It feels far longer than a week that I’ve been in Germany. Technically, I have: my parents and I arrived last Wednesday, so it’s only really that I’ve been Germany on my own for a week. But that isn’t what I meant. Saying that it’s only a week since I said goodbye to my parents just feels wrong. Surely it can’t have been so recently?

I’ve spent my first week alone in Germany working on my book, exploring Tรผbingen (pictures below!), going for jogs (admittedly only two), having awkward conversations with flatmates I barely know in the kitchen, setting up a German bank account, handing in forms, and Skyping numerous people, numerous times. I definitely feel like I’m settling in; like I’m getting to know my surroundings and life here is a little more normal.

(You can read Part One here and Part Two here.)

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