The Clockmaker’s Daughter: Book Review

While my genre of choice is usually fantasy, one of my favourite non-fantasy authors is historical mystery writer Kate Morton. All her books are must-reads for me, and her newest novel The Clockmaker’s Daughter was no exception. It has been out for over a year now, and I have already owned a copy for several months, but I finally got round to reading it recently! I was incredibly excited about this book, as it sounded even more mysterious than her previous books, and I do love a good mystery!

The story of The Clockmaker’s Daughter revolves around the scandalous events of a group of young artists’ summer in an English manor house in 1892, resulting in murder, burglary, vanishing, and the early end of a promising career. Over a hundred years later, in 2017, archivist Elodie finds a sketchbook and a photograph from this summer and is drawn to investigate the mystery, and the connections between its players and the prominent Victorian activist whose archives she keeps – as well as between the alluring manor house and her own family. Told from multiple perspectives over one hundred and fifty years and several generations, The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a complex story of secrets and lies, of love and family, of stories and history – and a little bit of the supernatural…

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Writing Update: Autumn 2019

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus these past months, so to relaunch, I have a writing update for you all! I’ll mostly be talking about my longstanding project, fantasy novel The Secrets The Dead Keep but if you scroll down, you’ll also find sections on my plans for other fiction and this blog.

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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: Book Review

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is Gail Honeyman’s debut novel, published in 2017. The story follows the eponymous Eleanor, a thirty-year old woman who lives alone and works in an office. She eats the same meals every day, has a phone call with her judgemental mother at the same time every Wednesday, and spends her weekends drinking vodka to avoid thoughts of her past. People often find her difficult to get on with, but Eleanor doesn’t mind: she prides herself on her independence. When she spots a handsome singer at a gig, she becomes convinced they are destined to fall in love. But as she prepares herself to meet and pursue him, she and a new coworker called Raymond witness an old man fall on the street, and feel obliged to help him. Suddenly, Eleanor finds herself in the social world she has been an outsider to for so long. Will she learn to cope, or will she return to her old ways? And will she learn to deal with her past?

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The Star-Touched Queen: Book Review

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi is a young adult fantasy novel inspired by Indian mythology. The first in a duology, this book follows Maya, a princess who is spurned for the damning horoscope she was given at birth, as she is forced into an arranged marriage intended to end the war. But in the middle of the wedding, fighting breaks out, and one of Maya’s suitors, Amar, whisks her away to his kingdom, which she has never heard of, via the Otherworld, which Maya had always believed to be fictional. Bound by magic, Amar is unable to give her any answers to her questions about himself or his kingdom. And so Maya finds herself Queen of a kingdom she knows nothing about, married to a charming but mysterious husband, and cooped up in a strange, magical castle. As she counts down the days until Amar can finally reveal all his secrets to her, Maya hears a voice singing and calling to her from a foreboding door which isn’t always there. Despite the warnings, Maya feels drawn to investigate.

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Tower Of Dawn Book Review


img_20180604_194738_7871865508129.jpgTower of Dawn is the sixth book in Sarah J Maas’s young adult fantasy series Throne of Glass. Originally intended to be a companion novella to the series, this book follows former Captain of Adarlan’s Guard, now Hand to the King, Chaol Westfall, as he and the new Captain of the Guard, Nesryn Faliq, journey to the Southern Continent in the hopes of gaining the alliance of the Southern Continent – and of healing Chaol’s injury to his spine.

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Spring 2018 Writing Update

Since December 2017, I have been posting updates on the progress of the fantasy novel I’m writing, called The Secrets The Dead Keep! While I was forced to have a hiatus from this and my book reviews for the past six months due to university commitments, I have now completed my degree and can return to blogging! From now on, you can expect weekly posts – one every Wednesday – which will include book reviews, quarterly writing updates (rather than monthly ones, like I did last year), and occasionally some other bits and pieces too.

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My Best and Worst Reads of 2017

In 2017 I made a concerted effort to read more books, even though I was at university and couldn’t read as much as I wanted. According to Goodreads, I managed 19 books – nothing for some, but impressive for me – some of which were AMAZING, some of which were, well, just okay, and some of which I really wasn’t a fan of. So, even though it’s a couple of months overdue, here are my favourite and least favourite reads of 2017!
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