Of Fire And Stars: Book Review

20170614_122809 (1)Of Fire And Stars is a standalone fantasy novel, and the debut of author Audrey Coulthurst. It tells the story of princess Denna, who moves to the kingdom of Mynaria to fulfill her lifelong betrothal to crown prince Thandi, and princess Mare, Thandi’s free-spirited sister who must teach Denna to ride. Denna hopes that her political marriage will eventually lead to love, but as she spends so much time with Mare (with both her riding lessons and the pair trying to solve the crime of a royal assassination together before it leads to war) the two princesses find themselves falling for each other instead…

And if that wasn’t difficult enough, Mynaria forbids magic, and Denna has a gift which, if discovered, could make her the prime suspect for the assassination.

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Things To Do To Prepare You For Uni

Here in the UK, exam season is beginning to come to an end. Many current uni students are already starting their summers, while future uni students are still focused on working their hardest to get the grades they need. But in just a few weeks, they too will have a long summer to look forward to.

So how best to use that time to prepare oneself for uni?

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May Writing Update

In January, I set myself monthly writing goals to keep me on-track with my novel-in-progress The Secrets The Dead Keep. I finished Draft Three back in April, and my goal for May was to start discussions and feedback with critique partners (assuming I have found suitable critique partners). Continue reading “May Writing Update”

A Court Of Wings And Ruin: Book Review

20170531_155236A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas is the final book in the hugely popular Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy, which follows former huntress Feyre as the fae war between human-opposed Hybern and the seven fae courts of Prythian finally begins. I’ll not say anything else about the plot of this particular book to avoid spoilers for the first two books, A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury. Continue reading “A Court Of Wings And Ruin: Book Review”

The Final Empire, Mistborn 1: Book Review

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson is the first in the Mistborn trilogy. Set in a world where people20170517_121741 are divided into noblemen and skaa, or slaves, at birth, The Final Empire tells the stories of two skaa thieves (Vin and Kelsier) who happen to be mistborn – people with the ability to use the powers of all “Allomantic” metals rather than just one. Sixteen-year-old Vin is focused only on surviving when leader of a successful thieving crew, Kelsier, realises her power and recruits her for an impossible job – freeing the skaa by bringing down the thousand-year-old Final Empire and the immortal Lord Ruler, the king who calls himself a god.

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April Writing Update

April Writing UpdateAt the beginning of the year, I set myself monthly writing goals for working on my novel The Secrets The Dead Keep, which should hopefully leave me with a finished manuscript by the end of the year.

April’s writing goal was to start brainstorming ideas for the rest of the series, with the aim of deciding the length of the series (trilogy/duology/etc) and the major events of each book. However, I hadn’t finished the third draft by the end of March, as I had hoped, so I also needed to do that, as well as start finding critique partners.

Read on to find out how I did, and what my goals for May are!

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Talon: Book Review

Talon by Julie Kagawa is the first young adult fantasy novel in a series of the same name. The book is set in modern day California, in a world where shape-shifting dragons, under the protection of an organisation called Talon, assimilate into the human world to avoid the dragon-slaying Order Of St George. After spending their entire childhood locked away for their safety being trained by Talon, 16-year-old Ember and her twin Dante finally get their first and last taste of freedom for the summer before they must finish their training and begin serving Talon. This is jeopardised by “rogue” non-Talon dragon Riley who promises them freedom for life, not just this one summer, if they turn traitor and leave Talon.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old St George soldier Garrett is given orders to find the disguised dragon in California – and kill her. But things get complicated when Garrett and human-Ember meet and they begin to develop feelings for each other, not realising they are each others’ sworn enemies – and Ember is the dragon Garrett has been sent to kill.

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Blogger vs WordPress?

Some of you may know that I recently moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. But what’s the difference? And for those of you looking into starting a blog, which should you use? And why did I decide to move my blog in the first place if it was such a hassle?

Never fear – I am here to explain it all!

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Switching from Blogger to WordPress

Anyone who’s read my blog before may notice a few changes to it… By which I mean, you may notice that it looks completely different, it now has Home, About, and Contact pages, and it has “wordpress” in the URL instead of “blogger”. And making all these changes has been a right hassle!

Moving an established blog from one blogging platform to another is no easy task, no matter how much better the new platform may be. So today I’m going to discuss the complications I’ve been dealing with in switching from Blogger to WordPress, which will explain why I’m going to ask you to bear with me while I continue to adjust to this new platform.

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Caraval: Book Review

Caraval by Stephanie Garber is a young adult fantasy novel concerning two sisters, Scarlett and Tella Dragna, and the magical annual performance, Caraval, where the audience get to participate in the show – or, more accurately, the game. Scarlett and Tella have been enchanted by the idea of Caraval and its mysterious ringleader, Master Legend, ever since their grandmother told them stories of it as children. But when they finally receive invitations to Caraval, just days before the event, Scarlett is just days away from marrying a man who promises both herself and her sister a secure future away from their abusive father. Going to Caraval would mean putting their future and their safety in jeopardy.

Tella, meanwhile, has other ideas. Despite the risk of missing the wedding, she tricks Scarlett into going with her to Caraval with the help of sailor Julian, before promptly disappearing upon arrival. Scarlett quickly realises Tella has been kidnapped by Legend himself: Tella’s whereabouts is the mystery that this year’s participants must solve to win the game. She vows to find her sister in time to return for her wedding, but soon discovers that Caraval is less harmless than she imagined. While it might just be a game, Scarlett cannot risk that it isn’t, and that something sinister really is going to happen – or has already happened – to her sister. Not only must she figure out the clues that Legend has left for them, but also who to trust – including whether she can trust herself.

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