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Who am I?

My name is Beth Gadsby and I’m a fantasy writer from Derbyshire, England. I now live in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where I studied Linguistics at Newcastle University. In my spare time (when not reading or writing!) I enjoy painting, knitting, baking, gaming, and photography – basically anything creative.

I’ve always loved books. My love of fantasy began with Tony Abbott’s The Secrets Of Droon series, Cornelia Funke’s Dragon Rider (I blame my love of dragons on this book), and, of course, the Harry Potter series. Currently, my favourites include The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, the Graceling Realm trilogy by Kristin Cashore, the Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss, and the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson.

What do I write?

I’ve been writing books ever since I could hold a pen. Thankfully, my writing’s much improved from the unfinished and badly illustrated “books” I wrote when I was six! One thing hasn’t changed, though: my love of writing fantasy.

I spent my teenage years writing stories to post on FictionPress.com, and in 2010, aged fourteen, I finished the first draft of my first novel. I had my first short story published in 2012, in the Red House Young Writers’ Yearbook 2012. It’s a contemporary story called Keys about grief and the death of a loved one, which I was inspired to write by staring at my set of keys. I’ve had two more short stories published since then: Where The Forgotten Things Go (which is based off the idea behind the novel I wrote in 2010 and was published in the Electric Reads Young Writers’ Anthology 2015), and Games (a contemporary story about university life, which was featured in the Newcastle University Creative Writing Society Anthology 2016 – a book which I helped organise and edit!).

In the summer of 2012, I started writing my current novel The Secrets The Dead Keep (which you can read more about here), finally finishing a first draft in 2014. Right now, I’m reworking the whole thing. You can find updates on my progress under the category “The Secrets The Dead Keep”.

What do I post?

My most frequent posts are book reviews. I read mostly fantasy (both adult and YA, though currently I prefer adult), and review most of the books I read, regardless of genre. I read as a writer – that is to say, critically, and often with writer-y things like plot structures in mind. I’d like to say that I do this to try and be clever or something, but actually it’s because once I started reading like a writer, I couldn’t stop.

I also post periodical writing updates on the progress of my novel, The Secrets The Dead Keep. Sharing what I’ve been working on in this way not only keeps me accountable, but means that when my novel in finished and published, I can easily look back on my writing journey! So if you’re interested in finding out more about my novel-in-progress, or what the writing process looks like (spoilers: long and messy), you can check out my writing updates here.

Where else can you find me on The Internet?

I post most regularly on  Instagram, but you can also find me on Facebook,  Tumblr, and Twitter! Hope to see you there!

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