Spring 2018 Writing Update

Since December 2017, I have been posting updates on the progress of the fantasy novel I’m writing, called The Secrets The Dead Keep! While I was forced to have a hiatus from this and my book reviews for the past six months due to university commitments, I have now completed my degree and can return to blogging! From now on, you can expect weekly posts – one every Wednesday – which will include book reviews, quarterly writing updates (rather than monthly ones, like I did last year), and occasionally some other bits and pieces too.

Most of the writing I have done over the past six months has been uni-related – essays and my dissertation – but I have managed to do some work on my novel.

At the end of last year, I got some feedback on my first two chapters, and as a result I’ve been reworking the beginning of my novel. Even after several different attempts at rewriting my first scene, I am not yet completely happy with my novel’s beginning, but I definitely feel like it’s going in the right direction.

I’ve also been reconsidering some of the larger aspects of my book, such as the characters, the world, and the themes. This is likely going to result in a lot of big changes, but to be honest, this is something that I’m happy about. I’m excited about rethinking the slightly juvenile ideas I had when I was 16, and making them into something I want to write about now. I’m looking forward to overhauling the plot into something more thought-through and consistent. And I can’t wait to bring it all together into something full of meaning and style, that I can truly be proud of.

So, that’s what’s happening with my novel at the moment! How’re your writing projects going? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Congrats on finishing your degree! I hope your new life + writing adventures are a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing your updates again.

    As for me, my writing is slow going as usual (lots of research + planning involved + life distractions, etc etc). Poetry and drabbles and essays on miscellaneous topics seem to be the fastest ways to make me write, which is not so good if you’re trying to write a novel! But now I’m getting feedback and interest in my projects from various writers/readers, so it’s motivating me to keep going, at least.

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    1. Thanks!! Glad to hear it 😀 Yeah it can be annoying how slow going the research and planning etc can be when that seems to make up so much of the work of creating a novel! But slow progress is better than no progress 😊 Ooh feedback and interest sound exciting! 😀 Best of luck with it!! 😊

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