August Writing Update

This year I set myself monthly writing goals to track the progress of my fantasy novel-in-progress, The Secrets The Dead Keep. August’s goal was to edit Draft Three and work on worldbuilding by building my world’s wiki.

So how did I do?

I neither did as much editing nor as much worldbuilding as I wanted, but I’m still happy with what progress I did make. I’ve edited seven and a bit chapters out of twenty-one chapters, and I feel like it’s going well.

It’s certainly better than no progress at all!

I’ve also been working on a couple of short stories this month: a longer story about dragons which I’ve been typing up from a notebook, and a shorter contemporary story about mental health. I intended to send the first to a short story competition, but considering its length and the amount of edits I wanted to do on it, I knew it wouldn’t be ready in time. So I sent off the contemporary story instead. I’d have prefered to have entered the fantasy story so as to establish myself as a fantasy writer, but I was very pleased with the contemporary story and felt it would have been a shame for it to fester unread on my hard drive.

It’ll be January before I potentially hear back about the contemporary story. The fantasy story, I plan on sending elsewhere once it’s finished.

Next month’s goals

My original goals for September are no longer relevant since I got behind on previous months’ goals. So I’m setting some new ones!

  • To keep editing until I complete Draft Four
  • To improve my worldbuilding
  • To start finding beta readers
  • If the above is complete, to do final read-throughs and edits before sending it to beta readers (this should just be a few line edits, and some added worldbuilding details)

How are your writing projects going? Let me know in the comments!

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