May Writing Update

In January, I set myself monthly writing goals to keep me on-track with my novel-in-progress The Secrets The Dead Keep. I finished Draft Three back in April, and my goal for May was to start discussions and feedback with critique partners (assuming I have found suitable critique partners).

This month’s goal was a little reliant on others, which is unfortunate timing – for some of my planned alpha readers/critique partners, it’s exam season, and for others, it’s busy time, whether that could’ve been predicted or not. But while I may not be getting that much feedback, four people have digital copies of my book, so I have had some – and one reader has read the whole thing! So I’ve had plenty of feedback from them, which is already giving me a good idea of the sort of thing I’ll need to be editing in Draft Four.

So technically, I have actually completed last month’s goals, for once!

I’ve also been continuing to plan the sequel to The Secrets The Dead Keep, which has been going pretty well! While I’m still not 100% sure on the details, it’s definitely starting to come together!

This is particularly good news considering that my goal for June is to outline Book Two while continuing edits with critique partners, and discuss the Book Two outline with critique partners (CPs). I’m very excited about this, especially the second part!

How are your writing projects going? Let me know in the comments!

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