Book Cover

Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner so I thought I’d get ready by making a book cover for the project I’ll be working on this summer!

It started off like this…

Then I added the bridges so that I didn’t paint the sea where they were supposed to be, shaded the bridge in the foreground, and filled in light base colours for the sea and the city.

This is what it looked like when I’d finished painting the sea. Also note that I’d added the first harbour.

The city’s beginning to take shape! I spent an entire afternoon painting tiny rooftops and even tinier windows and doors. If you think that sounds dull, you’re right.

The finished painting!

Some details: the Central Clocktower, the Northern Harbour, and the bridges (Guard Bridge to the south (at the top of the page), and an as-yet-unnamed bridge)

And finally – the finished product! It depicts the city that my story takes place in, Ivec Warra, which you may notice by the colour of the buildings and the bodies of water inside the city is inspired by Venice. It’s not quite accurate to how I envision it but I’m by no means an accomplished artist so I’ll forgive myself for that. Maybe one day when I’ve been painting longer I’ll redo it, but for now I’m pretty happy with it.

I tweaked it a bit once I had it on my laptop, and then of course added the title and my name.

Find me – and my novel – on Camp NaNoWriMo here!

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