July Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: Mid-Month Update

This month, I’m working on the sequel to my novel, which is actually proving rather difficult due to some rather big plot changes at the end of the first book that I’ve planned but haven’t written yet. What that means is that I don’t know where this story is going: I can’t work out what’s going to happen to the characters when I haven’t fully worked out what happened to them previously. Luckily, this book introduces some new characters who originated from stories that I first imagined a few years ago. But in including them in this book, I haven’t abandoned their stories; instead, I’ve simply integrated them as subplots. Because I know where these subplots are going, I have been favouring writing these rather than my main plotline. Unfortunately, that does not mean I am keeping up with my word count: as shown by the graph above, I am nine thousand words behind schedule. That’s pretty normal for me during NaNoWriMo, though, so the fact that I haven’t given up yet is a good sign that I may well still finish on time.

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