Post "The Secrets The Dead Keep"!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages.

So! I finished the first draft of my novel! At eighty-five thousand, one hundred and thirty four words, it is the longest thing I have ever written. I finished on the 30th of August and by the 31st of August, had it edited and formatted sufficiently to send off for my free proof copy offered by NaNoWriMo and Unfortunately, the “free” bit didn’t cover shipping, and the cheapest option is also the longest to deliver, so it’s doubtful it’ll arrive before I go to university (cue sad face).

After finishing Camp NaNoWriMo, I abandoned FocusWriter and instead solely used yWriter5, which I HIGHLY recommend. It is very useful for keeping track of scenes and chapters, making it considerably easier to manage long documents such as novels, and it is pretty easy to export to Microsoft Word files all in one piece by messing around with the Export Project/Export Selected Chapters options in the drop-down menu under “Project” in the toolbar on the top left. I only used it at its most basic, not bothering with the Characters, Locations and Items settings or even using the Goals, so it has far more potential than I give it credit.

Unfortunately, I haven’t written much since finishing The Secrets The Dead Keep. I have been considering writing a ten-chapter story based on my favourite band Within Temptation’s latest album Hydra, with a chapter based on each song on the album. I’ve also been thinking about the sequel to The Secrets The Dead Keep, but the ideas for it haven’t taken hold of my heart just yet. The story idea that has taken hold of my heart, however, is a prequel, set a few hundred years before The Secrets The Dead Keep, but in the same fictional country, documenting the life of the first Queen as she struggles to right an unjust and warring world. Alternatively, there are other ideas I’ve been thinking about writing as well, that are too unformed for me to really be able to talk about just yet.

So basically, I’m at a complete loss as to what to dedicate my time and effort to next.

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