Camp NaNo Update: Week 3

Target word count: 37,096
Current word count: 27,932
Current chapter: 12/13

I’m still woefully behind – further behind than I was before, in fact – and starting to feel like I’m running out of time, but I’m sure you’d rather hear the good news: I’ve found my motivation! I’m enjoying writing a bit more now, and what I am writing is flowing a bit better. Despite having gotten past the halfway mark in terms of wordcount, though, I’m nowhere near the halfway point in my story.

Nevertheless, I shall not give up!

I’m going on holiday tomorrow, and it’s really crept up on me, so I’m rather busy and unfortunately probably won’t write anything/much today. Maybe I can catch up on the place at 6 tomorrow morning… Also, I’m not taking my laptop, and will be continuing writing on a different laptop. I’m going to miss my own laptop. As for the software, I was about to spend a paragraph explaining the problem I’ve been having trying to transfer the yWriter5 files, but while writing this post, I’ve been tinkering with it and I think I’ve worked it out (in fact, there may be two ways; I emailed the developer an hour or so and just got a response, with a solution that’s different to the one I just thought of). I’ll talk about that separately, though. As forΒ FocusWriter, attaching the file to an email didn’t work (apparently there wasn’t an appropriate program on which to open the file or something, even though I downloaded FocusWriter on the other laptop) but simply copying-and-pasting worked. The customised theme I use on FocusWriter for writing Barnabus’ Balloons was easy to transfer, by exporting it from the theme menu-thing, emailing it across, and then importing it.

Anyway. Back to last-minute-packing, trying to work yWriter5 and writing, methinks!


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