Newcastle University Creative Writing Society Anthology 2016: Stamping Out Student Stigma


An anthology of student-written short stories, poems, and essays on the subject of student life. Edited and formatted by Beth Gadsby.

Features an introduction and a short story, Games, a bittersweet piece about stress and mental health at university, by Beth Gadsby.


Electric Reads Young Writers’ Anthology 2015


A series of short stories in a variety of styles and genres, penned by the UK’s writers of tomorrow.

Features Where The Forgotten Things Go by Beth Gadsby, an inventive sci-fi/fantasy short story about belief, time travel, and friendship which spans lifetimes and dimensions.



Red House Young Writers’ Yearbook 2012


This anthology showcases the best works of writers between the ages of 7 and 17 from across the UK.

Features Keys by Beth Gadsby, a touching contemporary short story about grief and the loss of a loved one.



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